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    Dear Serbia, Aeonmed is coming!


    President of Serbia Vucic declared the emergency state of Serbia on 15th Mar. He asked for help from China motioned with tears in front of press.

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    Today, more than 100 units of ventilators from Beijing Aeonmed Co., Ltd. are on their way toward Serbia with a deep bless from Aeonmed and friendship between the two countries. Wishing that Aeonmed ventilators could help to treat more dear friends in Serbia, this shipment will arrive in the capital Belgrade, Serbia on 26th Mar local time.


    Two main kinds of ventilators that we sent to Serbia are emergency ventilator 510S and treatment ventilator VG70 which can provide our COVID-19 patients a full treatment.

    Shangrila510S ventilator is suitable for pre-hospital respiratory therapy, intra-hospital and inter-hospital transfer, also could be used in both emergency department and different wards. What’s more, customized for COVID-19, the integrated respiratory workstation 510S will offer better portability and treat efficacy to our patients. Aeonmed has already arranged much of capability of production on 510S to meet the intense need from world.

    Since the pandemic broke out outside of China, Beijing Aeonmed Co., Ltd. got huge number of requirements of ventilators from Italy, UK, Germany, Russia,Serbia, Rwanda, Ukraine, Mongolia etc. more than 35 countries and regions. Up to the present, Aeonmed has already delivered more than one thousand units of ventilators to foreign countries while another thousands of ventilators are in a queue.

    “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Thanks to the warm-hearted support by Serbian when Chinese faced up to the struggle time when COVID-19 got our country semi-shutdown, Chinese won’t forget about it and are willing to help. The pandemic of COVID-19 is spreading all over the world now and only being united together can we win this fight! Aeonmed stays with you!

    Thanks to our Sebian employee George for supporting his homeland.

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